Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine's Day Present

Q. Which one of the Phoenix Chronicles always stands out like a sore thumb?
A. Politics, Love, and Live Bait

It's PINK, for goodness sake! Why did I do that? Because it's not like the other four books. It's "mushy". Between Capt. Armstrong and Dr. Kirkpatrick's reunion, engagement, and wedding and the fledgling beginning of a strange relationship between Tim and Mary, there's more love in the air than spaceships.

Truthfully, I almost didn't publish this book at all. The "live bait" part seemed a decent conflict, but it gets resolved rather quickly and doesn't really warrant a novel by itself. Same with the "politics" conflict. The main purpose of that thread was just to get Lt. Cdr. Garrett back in the reserves and available for me to pull into stories. I also really liked the idea of a privately-funded, state-of-the-art research ship. So really, the "love" aspect takes up quite a bit of this book and I didn't want any of the space-crazy people to cry foul, so I took measures in the cover and description to ensure they wouldn't be surprised or feel gypped.

While it is always priced very low because of the factors I just mentioned, I thought Valentine's Day might be one time I could celebrate the mush. Starting Sunday and all the way through Thursday, you can get the Kindle version absolutely free on Amazon. Zero calories. No concern that the pages will wilt and wither. Once you get it for free, Amazon considers it a "purchase" and they keep it in your cloud storage so you can always load it on other devices or lend it to a friend. But hey, if you have a friend who might be interested, why not tell them to go pick it up themselves, right now? They get it for free and you look good for having pointed it out (let's face it, not many people read this blog).

Click here to download FREE Feb. 10-14.
And tell a friend. Please?

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