Monday, December 31, 2012

Free Today!

Bestselling Space Opera

"Juno Colony is a deathtrap, a roach motel for men. Women rule and men have no rights. That's where they've taken Steve."

The year is 2043 and Earth has established colonies all over the solar system. The International Space Alliance is tasked with keeping peace throughout, and the ISA's flagship, Phoenix, is the ultimate power in the solar system. Her mission is both exploratory and military deterrent. But when Captain Jason Armstrong discovers his surrogate son has been kidnapped and taken to the infamous Juno Colony on Luna, he'll stop at nothing to get him back.

Join the crew as they go in undercover on a daring rescue. Download Gynocracy now!

Haven't read the first 3? Don't worry, you can read these out of order and not get lost.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Look, it's a blog!

Welcome to the blog of K.J. Blaine! I hope you arrived here on purpose. Not sure what I am going to post in the days to come, but you can always look at my nifty widget up there, click on a book and buy yourself some cheap thrills.

Books have to be the best entertainment deals on the planet. You cannot buy a movie ticket for under five bucks anymore, and how many movies will last 10 or more hours? Plus, if you follow me, especially on the Phoenix Fan Page, you can find out when I put the first book or sometimes the fourth book (my bestseller) on special for FREE in the Amazon Kindle Store.

If you want to know how I came to write The Phoenix Chronicles, check out this interview done by my fellow author, Greg Mitchell.

So what were you hoping to find here? Let me know in a comment and I'll see what I can do!